homemade bread

How to Make Delicious and Easy Bread in Your Bread Machine Every Time

homemade bread

Bread from Scratch

My Emily LOVES bread. Like loves, loves, loves it. So one day i decided to pull out the bread machine and make homemade bread. But I didn’t have a bread machine mix to make it with. So, I did what any good mom who spoils their children would do….I decided to see if I could make bread in the bread machine from scratch.

I know! WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT? But it is actually 1,000 times easier than kneading it and blah, blah, blah. There are so many recipes on the internet, but I finally perfected one that we love. And, I told you it was simple…it is literally dumping ingredients into the bread machine and pushing a button.

I’m not joking. I put some sugar, warm water, yeast, flour, salt, and vegetable oil in the bread machine and walked away! 2 hours later, I had hot, fresh, homemade bread!

First thing I did was combine hot water, yeast and sugar in the bread machine and let it stand for 6 – 12 minutes. The yeast should foam. 

bread machine with yeast and warm water bubbling
Ingredients Inside Bread Machine

While I waited for the yeast mixture to foam, I sifted the flour and salt into a separate bowl. 

dry ingredients for bread, flour, salt
Dry Ingredients

Once the yeast, water and sugar foamed, I added the rest of the ingredients into the bread machine. I closed the lid and chose the basic white cycle and left it to do it’s magic.

Look at this beautiful specimen!!! AND, my house smelled A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.!!! Take my word for it! Want to try it? Here is the recipe!  I’ll note down at the bottom what to do if you don’t have a bread machine. It’s a little more work, but same great taste.

full loaf of bread fresh out of bread machine on wooden cutting board

This bread will make you want to keep baking it over and over again!

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